Services offered by SymphonyOne

What we do

SymphonyOne puts communities and businesses together on the internet for their mutual benefit and profit. Our business model promotes co-operative advertising for both parties to achieve their individual goals. Currently we offer our services in Washington State. In the near future we will be expanding to Southern and Northern California and Oregon with additional plans to grow regionally and nationally.

How we do it

Co-op advertisingbringing communities and businesses together in an online marketplace SymphonyOne partners with communities to provide the impetus for the growth of local businesses through a specially created online marketplace: the community website.
The HOA has an interest in helping local businesses succeed in their online marketing efforts, because their HOA website is sustained by these sponsors and their advertising. The businesses have a stake in helping the community achieve their aims through the community website, because they can create goodwill and brand loyalty among potential customers in the area through focused advertising on the community websites.
The community is the market, the business is the sponsor/advertiser. SymphonyOne connects the two with an online marketplace that serves both the community and the business.

How does it work?

Website design - We build websites for communities at little cost to them

SymphonyOne is a targeted online marketing and advertising company developing websites that provide a medium for homeowners associations (HOAs) and other organized communities to communicate with their members. These websites with powerful dynamic online tools help HOA boards and committee members to manage their associations and keep their websites current with content relating specifically to the HOA concerned.

SymphonyOne designs and maintains the website at minimal cost to the HOA as the cost is subsidized by our sponsors. The only costs to the HOA are:
A. URL registration
B. the cost of hosting space.
In case any additional work goes into the website apart from the standard web design packages, the HOA pays the extra cost.
SymphonyOne continues the on-going development and maintenance of the site while the community manages the content.
SymphonyOne partners with the management and board members of HOAs wherein SymphonyOne provides the website and the community management promotes the site to the community and encourages the residents to use the sponsors/advertisers products and services.
In this way the sponsors/advertisers will get a return on their investment in the HOA’s website, draw in more customers, make more sales and grow their businesses in the local market.

Online advertising and marketing

SymphonyOne builds the websites, creates the ads and sells advertising space on the community websites. Customers can also create their own ads for placement on the HOA websites.

We cluster 10 or more websites to give the sponsor maximum mileage as his product or service will be showcased in each of these websites. The sponsor/advertiser has a reach of about 1000 or more households.

Directory listing

For a small fee our sponsors pay for their membership and a classified listing in the directory page will be displayed in all the websites within the assigned cluster of community websites.

What it comes down to is this: we offer a targeted online marketing and advertising medium at a flat fee. No pay-per-click, no pay-per-conversion or search engine optimization to think about!

Banner Ads

Sponsors have the additional option to use banner ads and coupon ads in premium positions on the community websites and on the directory pages to promote their products.This serves as a double benefit: the business has the exposure of the banner ad and is listed as a sponsor.

Sponsors/advertisers save big on the cost of mainline advertising and have access to a targeted local community. Revenue from their advertising and directory listing sustains the HOA websites.

For example, if you own a home improvement business, you can promote different products and brands in the banner ads and your company is also listed in the directory as a sponsor member (builds corporate image.) Your ad gets wider exposure in a cluster of 10 websites and has the potential to reach 1000 households or more.

Our sponsors also have the option to pay for a banner ad or coupon ad . This serves as a double benefit, the business has the exposure of the banner ad and is listed as a sponsor. For example, if the advertiser owns a home improvement business, he can promote different products and brands in the banner ads and is also listed in the directory as a sponsor member.


Coupon Ads

SymphonyOne offers a great way for advertisers to pull customers into their stores - with coupons that help them make important purchases and save money. You can place coupon ads on the HOA websites which tell of your special offers, sales or deals. The customer prints out the coupons and comes to your store to make the purchase. You can change your coupon offers every week.You sell, the customer saves – it’s a win-win.


If you're a grocery store, home improvement center, department store or home electronic store runs weekly ads in newspapers, we can place those ads online for you and you can save big! Why spend your advertising dollars on expensive newspaper advertising? You can make that hard-earned money go a much longer way with online advertising for a targeted local audience!
Put your newspaper ads on SymphonyOne’s HOA websites and get results by focusing your messages on specific communities.
We can also create ads that extend the ongoing product message in your print advertising to the online banner ads, and make the advertising even more relevant and top-of-mind to your target audience.
Some sample rates:
URL registration and hosting space cost –
Approximately $200 per year

Banner ads

  • Cost of banner ads on websites – As low as $270 per month on Home Page and other premium placement
  • Cost of banner ads on directory pages – As low as $157.50 per month
  • We offer 8 different ad sizes on several page placement options
  • Our creative charges for Banner Ad design - $150 per hour for creative design services
  • Coupon ads: From as low as $450 dollars per month, for coupon ads changed weekly

Directory Membership Cost of directory membership:

$25 per month for Basic Classified listing for a minimum period of 3 months ·

FREE 120x240 banner ad space for 3 monthsalong with the first classified in each category Winter Bonanza! 25% off on each banner and coupon ad More details on our advertising price list here


If you are on an HOA management team or have a local business to run, you have much to gain by using the power of targeted online marketing and communication to work for you.

HOAs, contact SymphonyOne for powerful website design at little cost.
Businesses, get in touch with us for great-value marketing and advertising online!

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